We want to tell stories that intrigue us, excite us, disconcert us. CURRENT, OURAGEOUS, SURPRISING STORIES. We want to create worlds and build textures that will surprise you. IMAGINE RELATIONS, INTERLACES, SITUATIONS THAT YOU NEVER THOUGHT TO LIVE. Bringing interesting, original, authentic characters to life. Investigate the complexing of human nature, made up of lights and shadows. Look for that little or big truth that holds all the stories that are worth telling.



  • Drama series, film, docu-drama, factual and comedy.
  • We are open to co-productions, collaborations or investments in new projects.
  • Our calling is international, mainly focused on the EUROPE and LATAM markets



There are many policemen in the cinema or on television, but Inspector Coliandro is a separate case. Honest and foiled, bungler, full of prejudices but ready to give it up, stubborn, involuntarily ironic and at the same time obstinate, determined to fight for an innate sense of justice and legalty, certainly incorruptible, “cop” in the soul … In short, a policeman who represents the opposite of all television police heroes and perhaps for this reason, and despite his obvious (and human) defects, impossible not to love.

Genere: crime comedy
Broadcaster: Rai 2 (2006-2021)
Seasons: 8
Format: 4 x 100′


Commissioner Cagliostro remained in the world of the living after his death. With the help of a girl, Vanessa, who is the only one able to see him, was able to discover the identity of his killer and save his wife Anna. Everything seems resolved, but when the time comes to cross the Red Door and leave earthly life forever, something unexpected happens: Jonas, his mentor, wakes up after 30 years from a coma. Who is this man really? Why is he portrayed in a photo with Rambelli, head of Cagliostro and responsible for his death?

Genre: supernatural thriller
Broadcaster: Rai 2
Seasons: 2 (third in production. 2017-2021)
Format: 12 x 50′
Sold in: France, Malta, Africa, Indonesia, New Zealand,
Benelux, Albany, Bulgary, Hungary, Russia, Greece, Latam,
Iran, UK, USA&Canada


Castel Marciano, near Trieste, is a small coastal village where everyone knows each other. But soon his body is recovered at the sea, a few miles from the coast. She was killed. But nothing is ever what it seems. Luisa, an upright assistant superintendent with a mysterious past, is sent from the Trieste homicide squad. In common, it seems that the two have only age and profession. Together they will have to discover behind which face Laura’s killer is hiding, while the number of suspects grows.

GenEre: crime drama
Broadcaster: Canale5
Seasons: 2 (2019-2020)
Format: 8 x 50′
Sold in: France, minor countries of the Middle East, Soviet Union



GARBO STORIES is the new reality
Spanish branch of Garbo Produzioni.

Ideal partner to create collaborations
of internazional level.



Garbo Produzioni is an independent production company founded in 2017 by Maite Bulgari, a company
engaged in the design and production of high-quality television series, intended for both Italian and
international audiences.



She is President and founder of Anthos Produzioni and Garbo Produzioni, companies operating in the audiovisual industry, as well as partner and Vice President of Leone Film Group. She is a founding member together with Feltrinelli of SEM – Società Editrice Milanese and with the journalist Mario Sechi she created the new journalism site, List.

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As a director she has written and directed many documentaries presented and awarded at festivals around the world, among them: Sorriso Amaro (2009 – Nastri d’Argento 2010) for RaiEducational; Pope Francis – The true story of Jorge Bergoglio (2014) for Rai3; Romero, voice of the voiceless (2010) for Rai3; Verdi Italian Genius (2013) for Rai3; Hungry for waste (2015) for RaiStoria and many other products also for Rai. She conceived and produced the docuseries in 20 episodes Italian Opera (2017) for Rai5, on the genesis of the most famous operas. She also wrote Roberto Faenza’s film The Case of the Infidel Klara (2009). She produced, in collaboration with Rai Cinema, the feature film L’Amore Rubato (2016), distributed in cinemas. She produced for Sky Arte the documentary Majorana, the man of the future (2018) and, in collaboration with Rai Cinema and Nexo Digital, the film event Diabolik sono io (2019). With Garbo Produzioni, she produced the series Inspector Coliandro (2018 – 2021) and La porta rossa (2019 – 2021) for Rai2, and the two seasons of The silence of the water (2018-2020) for Canale5.






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    Il silenzio dell’acqua 2 will be broadcast 27th November
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    L’ispettore Coliandro is ready for season 8
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    The shooting of Il silenzio dell’acqua 2 has ended
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  • 20 June 2019
    Il silenzio dell’acqua will be broadcast by Canale 5
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    There are big expectations for the new crime tv series debuting this spring on Mediaset Ch...
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  • 20 June 2019
    La Porta Rossa 2 Comes Back the 13th of February on RAI
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    Only a few days left until the much-awaited return of Commissioner Cagliostro (Lino Guanci...
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  • 20 June 2019
    Great season opening for La Porta Rossa 2
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  • 20 June 2019
    L’ispettore Coliandro 7 debuts with excellent turnout
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    L’ispettore Coliandro 7 debuts with excellent turnout. The tv series, created in 2006 by...
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  • 19 June 2019
    Garbo Produzioni is born
    News, Production
    Signed the agreement that marks the birth of a new production company in Italy: Garbo Prod...
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